With the advent of summer and festive seasons, we will start looking for different ways to jazz up our hair. While some might think of chopping all their manes, or going for an unconventional color job. There is nothing that a quick hairstyle or some chic hair accessories can’t fix.

No matter what you decide to settle in with, you will need some uber-cool and classy hair accessories in your vanity box that goes with your final look.

When you scroll down, you will see various hair accessories for women you might need or want to suggest to your friends., when they are out looking for hair accessories wholesale in Los Angeles.

So, without much rambling, we’ll get started.


Go minimalist

If ponytails are your thing, you know how important it is to get the right hair tie. These metal ponytail cuffs are not only super practical but also very minimalist. Great for work or teamed up with a sexy LBD, you have a night look at painting the town red.


Whether you’re trying to pull a safari chic look or conceal greasy roots, these turban headscarves are the way to go. These fashion accessories are available at a wholesale offer, which you can buy or give to your fashion-addict friends. You can style a turban by pairing a loose kaftan over your bikini and wearing a printed head scarf with sunnies for the ultimate vacation look.


Embellished headpiece

This is perfect for the festive season, or if you want to brighten up a simple outfit – the embellished headpiece will be your little something extra. Many options are available in different styles and metal finishes, but the classic gold with bling is a staple.


Heading to the races

Get classy with a fascinator when you head to the Derby. It is the ultimate hair accessory you can get on sale when planning to go off to the races, but it’s also a great piece to have in your kit.  Fascinators are also ideal for catholic weddings, so keep them handy!


Where do bobby pins go?!

Bobby pins are essential no matter what. They are ideal for styling or even getting rid of hair falling on your face. But unfortunately, they always get lost! Besides traditional bobby pins, there are some with decorations; they are easier to spot and store without losing them.


The ultimate beach/ bucket hat

With summers coming, you cannot underestimate how strong the sun might get , and that’s when this ultimate beach accessory comes in handy. You can have fun in the sun by trying bucket and straw hats. These are perfect for vacations and work as a great accessory when you want hair away from your face.


Qui Qui!

Nothing is more stylish than a cute beret to rock that winter look, or you like experimenting , even if it’s not cold. It’s a savior when there are harsh winds, and your hair goes everywhere. These berets keep your hair from becoming a mess. If you don’t love the standard beret, there are many versions like a one with a visor.


Sparkly headbands, yes please!

It’s time you unleash your inner Blair Waldorf with these gorgeous sparkly headbands for women that have never left the vanity boxes of many. Whether you’re trying to jazz up a boring work outfit or just want to keep it playful at brunch, an embellished headband is enough to work its charm.

Flower power!

Every music festival deserves a floral crown. As passé as it may sound, there is just something about a girl with flowers in her hair. You always have the choice to choose real flowers, but these last forever and compliment any bohemian look you will try.

Statement barrette

These used to be a fashion staple in the 80s and are slowly making a comeback. A gold-tones statement barrette can make your half-up and half-down hairstyle look more fashionable. You can get these hair clips on sale and level up your hair.

The Oversized Headband

The oversized headband is an absolute banger! This chic hair accessory comes in various formats, but its most defining aspect is that it is larger than life. Automatically it becomes the star of any outfit. This headband will completely transform your appeal!!

The Geometric Pin

A clip in a geometric shape is a great way to add some structure and sharpness to your messy updo or beachy waves! You can get these hair accessories at a sale and make a style statement with quiet confidence. Try this hair look for college or work, or it can also work as a fun accessory!

The Pearl Pin

Pearls in the hair are for the woman of the moment. An aesthetic loved by dark-academia aficionados alike. Also, pearls are now meant to be in your hair as a dainty band or pin instead of around your neck. Exciting, yes?


The Crochet Headscarf:

You can be the talk of the town by pairing this one thing with your outfit. One trendiest and statement-making hair accessories for girls is the crochet knitted headscarf. You can show off your artsy sensibilities with this stunning headgear.



We are glad you made it to the bottom of this! Now you have almost the encyclopedia of hair accessories. Now you can see and buy these at wholesale hair accessories online, experiment with them almost every day, and become the game-changer of your mane.

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